I am just starting my second week in my new role at work. I have gone back to an operations (run) role from a short 18 months stint in a quality assurance (deliver) role.

After my first week, I have some observations that I’d like to share.

My new team has greeted me with enthusiasm and is really helping me adjust. The new team is ~900 people. While I knew most of them before by name we have never really worked together. They have been great and I couldn’t ask for better.

After the first two days, my head was “full”. There is so much to take in with a group this size. Even though I am an “ops guy” it is going to take time to learn the team. The best advice I’ve been given is to be patient. No need to learn it all on the first day. There is plenty of learning to be done on the job.

Trust the team out of the gate. While it is said that people need to earn your trust, I think it is better to give it right away. This team was not in bad shape before I arrived and is very capable. They can run the day to day for the most part with very little direction. This is a wonderful feeling to have.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Like I said earlier I’ve got a lot to learn. In order to do that I need to ask questions. I usually temper it and ask people to be patient with me as I learn. The neat thing is most people want to answer your questions and help you learn. It is very satisfying for both parties.

So there you have it – first observations. Not exhaustive, but just some things that are on my mind. I am sure as time progresses and I become more comfortable I will have other things to share. It is really good to be surrounded by amazing people.