Today I start a new journey in my internet marketing career. I can’t really call it a career just yet as up to this point I have not been paid. Sure I’ve learned a lot over the past few years, but I have not put the knowledge to good use.

In a recent post, I talked about guru’s that I have followed/unfollowed over the years. I also mentioned that there was one or two that I stuck with through thick and thin.

One of those “gurus” and I know they don’t consider themselves one per se is Glen Allsop aka ViperChill. I cannot even remember how I came across Glen. Over the years I continued to follow along on his blog and always enjoyed his posts.

He always gave away a ton of valuable information for free and never charged a dime. One thing that he has repeated many times in his writing is “9 out 10 people will read this and not take action”. I am not proud to say that I am among the 90%.

Over the past few years, Glen and Diggy (partner in crime) have offered an online course/community on how to build a highly profitable SEO Empire (Agency).

While I have bought a few courses in my time, this one seemed different. The cost was a lot more than I ever spent, but the cost was not an issue for me. I know the reason that I was hesitating is that I like knowledge, but not the application of it. Or better yet I was fearful of applying what I knew should I fail.

Yesterday that changed and I took a leap of faith. I decided to take action by purchasing the course. At this point, I am all in. I have been talking about moving away from my current “comfy” 9-5 job and starting something new. Time starts now for renewal/revival.

I’ve already spent a few hours going through the introductory material. I like the approach and the call to patience attitude – things will click and fall in place – just stick with me.

There are forums (community) too. I am big on support and community and by the looks of it, Glen and Diggy have built a thriving place for people to share.

My plan going forward is simple. Learn, take action, journal. Journalling is a bit of accountability for myself, but also maybe for others in the future who might see themselves in me.

With all that said I think it’s time to soak in some more information. Thanks, Glen and Diggy – I look forward to the new journey.