Yesterday I gave an update on how my internet marketing journey was going. It is not going as well as I would like. In fact, I am in a pattern of no action. I talked about why and today is an attempt at getting better.

I know I need to better optimise my time. In an effort to do that I have made a simple change. I am now going to try and do my daily writing on the way home from work. It’s a small change, but significant enough to give me more time in the evening.

The change was a little more complex than I let on though. You see I need my laptop to do my writing and I don’t take my laptop to work. However, I recently changed roles at work and now work out of a location that has guest-wifi. This is important because we also have BYOD – bring your own device – too.

I’ve decided to take full advantage of the BYOD program. The side benefit is that I now have my primary writing device with me all the time. I could even start writing over lunch if I so desired, but I want to keep the time the same.

There you have it. One small change to help optimise my time. I hope this will allow me to then spend more time on my internet marketing ventures. “Time” will tell.