Back in of October of last year I thought I would use an old PC to start mining some cryptocurrency in particular Monero. I quickly had to abandon this as the CPU on the old computer was so old that it was not supported for mining anymore.

However I did not give up on my attempt to mine. I decided to use my Home Theatre PC because 90% of the time it is idle. I decided to use Cudo Miner as it was fairly easy to setup on a Windows PC. It also has a lot of configuration options so you can schedule when the PC is mining or not.

Today it has officially been a month since I started to mine Monero. I am happy to report that in total 0.05 Monero have been mined. Put that into US Dollars and I have $3.12. Certainly not life changing money, but every little bit helps.

Since the machine is on all the time I figure I am really not drawing too much additional power it is just the CPU after all. The plan is to leave the machine mining for the next little while at least. Maybe after a year I will reevaluate.

I’ll check in at the 6 month mark to let you know how things are going.