There are a few people in my life who I consider mentors. And for many years I have also played a mentor role to several individuals.

One of my mentors I’ve had for over 17 years. We’ve become good friends and there is not much we don’t talk about. Over that time the lines have been blurred too as to who exactly is the mentor and who is the mentee.

Today I met with one of my mentees. While we never formalised this relationship in this way, they have for a few years been reaching out for advice. I’ve enjoyed the relationship greatly as this individual is very open to being coached.

I don’t have a mentor in the strict definition. I take as much advice and inspiration as I can from the people I am close to.Natalie Massenet

However, I have to say that after today’s meeting, I walked away feeling I learned something too. It was a very beneficial session to walk through some of the issues. I drew on past experiences, pointed to other people’s advice and offered options.

The longer we talked I too felt good about what we were talking about and listened intently to the answers given and the questions raised. Both of these help me in many ways too. There are insights that are provided that I may not have thought of or even considered.

Of course, the mentee is very focused on the session and gaining advice. But I can assure you that I am gaining insight just by listening to their questions and answers.

Thank you, JV for a great chat today. Don’t stop asking questions and remember I too gain from your wisdom.