A few years back I came across an article about Brett Wilson. In it, Brett talks about one of his favorite books Cowboy Ethics by James P. Owen. The book speaks of making integrity a core pillar of your business.

It goes on to list the timeless cowboy values – the code of the west. All ten resonated with me to the point that I printed them and hang them in my cubicle. They are listed below word for word with my spin on what they mean to me.

Live each day with courage. Each day starts with the right mindset. It’s an opportunity as well to reset each day regardless of the day that has past good or bad.

Take pride in your work. Doing so means you need to put in the effort. You cannot go halfway on this. You are either all in or you’re not.

Always finish what you start. Too often we start a lot of things that we don’t finish. Seeing things through can bring a level of satisfaction.

Do what has to be done. Don’t gloss over things. Don’t cut corners. You know what needs to be done so do it.

Be tough, but fair. Don’t coddle people. Be tough with them, treat them with integrity and most importantly be fair.

When you make a promise, keep it. Let your yes be yes and your no be no. Don’t be inconsistent or like a wave of the ocean tossed to and fro. Follow through.

Ride for the brand. You chose to work for who you work. Now go all in as if it was your own. Take pride.

Talk less and say more. I’m going to let this one stand.

Remember that some things are not for sale. If everything is for sale, what’s left? Your integrity for one definitely fits in this category.

Know where to draw the line. This really ties in well with the last one. Knowing where the line is, helps you know what’s not for sale.

So there you have it – cowboy values the code of the west and how you can apply it to business. Get out there and ride for the brand. Giddy Up!