As human beings, we all have a certain amount of capacity. How much work we can do, ability to help others, focusing on oneself, etc. Sometimes though I think we have trouble understanding our limits and how much capacity we really have.

A good example of this may be our desire to volunteer. This can bring great benefit to those we help and self-fulfillment to us. However, there are so many people that need help we can quickly get overwhelmed and stretch ourselves too thin.

Being able to understand what your limits are and how much you can do (capacity) is important. What may be even more important though is engaging a community to extend our capacity/capability. Instead of thinking I’ve got this we need to start thinking “we’ve” got this.

Surrounding yourself with like-minded people who share similar goals and purpose gives us the power of X. In the above volunteer example instead, one person taking on all tasks it can now be spread out amongst many. As well the opportunity to help even more people is a benefit too.

And so it is good to reflect and understand what your capacity is. Acknowledge that you have limits. Seek out a community to help and enhance and ultimately benefit both others and self.