As we continue our mini stay here in Alberta the weather tried to get the best of us. We had planned to stay in our B&B all day, but after about an hour we said we had to get out.

So with heavy snow falling we got into our all wheel drive rental and headed off to one of the largest indoor malls in the world. The drive was slower than usual, but we made safely without incident.

It seems that everyone here seems to know how to drive in the snow, unlike the drivers at home. The irony is back home they are expecting the first and significant snowfall of the season. Looks like we will not be around to enjoy the drivers.

I have to admit though I really enjoy snow and winter as a season. Driving in the snow is not too bad as long as everyone drives according to the conditions. If you happen to be out in the snow and driving – slow down, take your time and enjoy the journey.