Where I live April has been a wet month – far greater than the average April. May has started out pretty much the same – lots of rain. In fact, we expect to get 50-100mm of rain this weekend. To put that into perspective it will cause localised flooding.

With this, of course, the water cooler talk at work is about the weather and all the rain we are getting. It is delaying people from getting outside to tend the garden. The weekend outdoor activities are cancelled due to the wet weather. All in all the mood is not positive.

But what about the flip side to all the rain. It keeps you inside to focus on other things. You can catch up on some reading. Continue working on that reno project you may be procrastinating on. Catch up on your favourite Netflix series or watch a good movie.

Also, I look outside and see how green things are and am reminded that the rain has many benefits. It washes away a lot of the grime that builds up due to pollution. It replenishes our reservoirs. And the list goes on.

The perspective here is everything. Yes, too much rain can be detrimental in the short term, but overall the positives far outweigh the negatives. It is also fun to watch the wildlife in the rain. The birds sure seem to enjoy themselves.

You still might not like the rain, but take a few minutes to appreciate the positive aspects.