Today I started and finished John Kotter’s book “That’s Not How We Do It Here!” I was not planning to write about this today, but let’s roll with it.

My manager gave this book to all her management team to read. She did not tell us about it. I found out today when I saw it on my colleague’s desk. I asked and was told to read it next. Sure enough, I open it up and my name is on the post-it note.

Quick side note. I read books at a very slow pace for the most part. I am usually reading 2 or 3 books at a time but rarely do I read more than 10-20 pages per day. You can imagine how long it takes to get through a 500-page book. My current backlog is about 20 books.

John’s book is 150 pages long. I finished it in 2 hours. Not sure why. I think it’s a cross between wanting to know why my manager wanted us to read it and the fact that I like non-fiction books told in story format. It’s a cute story too.

Based on the title you can guess what the book tries to address. The thing that struck me the most was as I was reading I was thinking about my own job. How does this apply, can I learn something, is this just theory or can I really practice it.

It will be interesting to see after everyone has read the book what the next steps will be. (Mind you there is nothing stopping me practising some of the concepts). I will keep my eye out for the next 1/2 day offsite showing up in my calendar. There is a lot to talk about and even more to potentially apply.

Definitely worth a read, even if you are a slow reader like me. Be wary of managers who give you this book. You just might learn something.

Oh, and beware the Meerkat.