The last few days have been rough. It started with a stomach virus and then transitioned into a head cold. Before you ask – yes I am feeling sorry for myself. I really do not enjoy being sick.

But over the years I have learned to just rest. Now rest can take on various forms. Even though I have been home and not working these past few day, I have managed to watch a little tv. I’ve kept up with my writing – albeit brief. Today I even played some video games.

Outside of the writing, most of these activities I can do with exerting too much mental exertion. But the biggest thing I’ve realized over these past few days is that it’s ok to just laze around and rest. I had nowhere to be, no work to do and nothing that couldn’t wait.

While I might feel a little guilty about not being “productive”, I know that I am benefiting from doing mostly nothing. Every now and then you just need a lazy day or too. Don’t feel guilty – just let it happen.