A few weeks back I talked about my renewed journey in the internet marketing space. I talked about how I’ve stopped and started in the past. More stop than start. I also promised to journal about it here.

I purchased Marketing Inc from Glen and Diggy. My second impression is the training is top quality. I have gone through a good portion of it and there is a tonne of information. There is a combination of both video and text, but all loaded with great actionable stuff.

Now I have said that I am a sucker for information. I love soaking it in and digesting it, especially if it interests me. Marketing Inc is no exception and there is a lot of information that I’ve been able to digest.

Of course information is great, but eventually, it needs to lead to action. My problem has always been the action part. And so here I am again stuck between knowledge and action. The gap can at times seem like a chasm.

I have had success in the past taking knowledge and applying myself, but in the internet marketing space is different. I love soaking in the knowledge but am fearful to move it forward. This is something I am really trying to work through.

One of the reasons I think I freeze is the fear of failure. Not sure why it is so strong in this space, but it is. But I am committing to continuing to work through this and journal about this. Part of it is self-accountability and public (thinking that others are reading this).

I have one action to complete before my next update. I will be registering five domains and hosting them. The intent is to see if they get traction in Google for the rank and rent model.

Till next time then.