A few weeks back I talked about publicly holding myself accountable for getting my internet marketing journey back on track. I thought it was a good time to give an update. Part of being accountable is giving an update.

This is going to be a real short update. I’ve done absolutely nothing. I gave myself one simple goal. Register 5 domains for future rank and rent. Did not do that. Fell flat on my face. So what happened?

Not really sure it is one thing, but I’ve got some theories. The biggest one is time. My time is limited during the week and thus it needs to be optimised. The problem is I don’t always fill it with the right things.

There are some things that I must do – like work. And there are other things that I should do a lot less of – watch tv every night. This one is my biggest time sucker. I am able to write my daily post. Comment on my favourite youtube channel, but then I stop. I don’t seem to be able to prioritise past that.

Watching tv is not wrong, but it must be prioritised like everything else. Too much of course is also not a good thing. I find after a long day – 12 hours at work – that I have very little energy left. I’ve managed to shift some things to the morning commute. I read in the mornings now. I’m starting to watch my favourite youtube channel during the afternoon commute.

What I am really hoping to do is start taking my Macbook to work – yes we have PC’s – yuck. But now they have BYOD – Bring your own device. I think if I start doing that I can also get most of my daily writing done during the commute home.

So where does this leave me for my next update? Instead of saying I will have x done, I think I will simply report on how successful I have been in optimising my time. Will I have been able to prioritise things enough to be able to get some traction? Here’s hoping so.