For the last 60 – ok 61 – days I have taken the time to write something every day. The goal back on January 10th was to write for more than 15 days straight. Why 15 – because last time I attempted this that is how far I got.

Since I started I done two retrospectives – you can find them here and here. The whole idea of doing these is to reflect on what I am learning through the process. Writing seems more about the journey than the destination.

Most days I’ve written roughly at the same time – in the evening between 6:00-8:00. I never set a time limit on how long to write. There is no set goal of total word count. And usually, the topic is picked that day depending on what I am thinking about.

I have checked and on average I am writing 200-300 words per day. It usually takes me around 15-20 minutes to complete from start to finish. Occasionally I start on the next day’s topic if it is already on my mind.

My writing still sucks, but it is getting better and my grammar is improving thanks to Grammarly. My anxiety level when I haven’t written for the most part is gone. I do find that when I don’t have a topic my writing is sloppy. It’s like I’m forcing the words onto the page.

Since I’ve surpassed my original goal I now feel the need to set another one. I would like to keep writing each day. Drum roll, please!!!!! I am extending the original goal from 15 days to 120 days.

Why 120 days you may ask. Well, it is double of what I have just completed and I believe it is very attainable. Also, that will bring me to May – Mother’s Day weekend to be precise. The weather gets warmer around here and I start spending a lot of time outside. So I want to see if I can keep up the discipline even when I have other commitments.

Here’s to 60 more days. May they be as fulfilling as the last 60. Always special thanks to John for putting me on this path and encouraging me to ‘just write.’