Now that the triple H is back – Hot, Hazy, Humid – and we are having visits from our grandson again we decided we needed a small pool.

Try to find a small pool when it’s hot. All the Dollar stores in our area were sold out – go figure.

Today I went to my sons to drop off some stuff, help install a new car seat for our grandson and go for a walk.

On our walk we passed by a Dollar store and decided to go in and see if they had a kiddie pool. Guess what. They had one! There was not a lot of choice, but for $2.50 I was not looking for the cadilac of pools.

It’s a simple blow up pool. I came in cammo green – again not a lot of choice. I am sure it will do the trick and our grandson will love it. I might even have a little fun using it too.

The forcast is for warm weather, so I am sure that the pool is going to be put to good use.