Today I had opportunity to attend a local job fair. An established company was expanding and opening an office in the city that I live. They plan on hiring up to 120 people by years end.

I was excited when I heard this and as I am looking for work close to home I thought I would check it out.

Leading up to the event I did my homework and learned as much as I could about the company. Some jobs had already been posted on the website so I was able to see what skills they were looking for.

They are a services / technology company and while none of the jobs were a direct skills match, I thought that my extensive background could be of benefit. So off to the fair I went.

First thing I found out upon arriving was that you needed to register. In the two weeks leading up to the event I never recall seeing anything that said you needed to register. Thankfully they fit me and a lot of others who were in the same boat.

The next thing that caught my eye was the facilities were really small and the acoustics horrible. There were ~40 people squished into a small space all vying for attention. Not an idea setup, but I went with it.

A representative approached 5 of us and asked us to join them in the corner. We did and they started to talk to us about the job opportunities that were available and the timeframe for the hires. Remember how I said the acoustics sucked – I could barely hear them when they were talking and I was less than 5 feet away.

After maybe 10 minutes I had a chance to give a quick elevator pitch to this person and before you knew it my time was up. Not too sure how I feel about the whole process and to be honest I am not sure if I have ever attended a job fair before so I may not be a good judge.

Bottom line is I got 2 minutes with a company representative, gave my pitch and now we will see where it goes. I am happy with my pitch and would not change a thing.