A show of hands how many of you have made a bunch of New Years resolutions (you can put your hands down now). I have never been one to make resolutions however I do like setting goals regardless of the time of year.

This year I did a challenge – read goal – in December and decided to do one again in January. So instead of calling this a New Years resolutions I am calling it a January resolution.

The plan is to row – go figure – 20,000 calories in 31 days. Now that might not seem like a lot, but it mean that I will have to at least row 645 calories each day. Again that does not seem so bad, however that means a little over an hour per day.

Last months challenge was all about meters and was easy to setup. Intervals were my friend and rest meters – slower pace – were counted too. When rowing calories rest meters / calories do not count – that sucks.

Instead of getting down about this I have just adapted. I am creating my own intervals on the rower without actually programming them in with rest meters.

Six days in and I am averaging a little more than 800 calories per day for a grand total so far of 4,903 calories. The plan is to keep this pace as long as possible in case I need to take a day off or two for any reason.

So there you have it my January resolution. Hopefully you have one too.