How much information is too much information? A few weeks back I wrote about a book that I am currently reading – Tool of Titans.

This book is loaded with great information that you can apply in meaningful ways to your life. While I don’t agree with everything, there is a lot of “meaty” stuff to digest and apply.

But lately, I’ve noticed my capacity for ingesting this type of actionable information is near full. Let me explain.

There are 113 chapters in this book. Each chapter is 2-3 pages in length. A given chapter may have 2-3 pieces of information worth reflecting on or even actioning. Doing the math that is approximately 220-340 new pieces of information.

As I said earlier the information is not superficial but is of substance and worth diving into in detail. And this brings me to my current problem.

We are going through this book as a community doing one chapter at a time. One per day is enough, trust me. I am constantly finding myself saying “I need to think about this more”, or “I need to do more of this in my life.”

What I am finding now that we are two-thirds through this book as I have far too much information that I want to ponder/do. As such I am about ready to be finished with the book.

Don’t get me wrong I am still enjoying the book, but am thinking my capacity for taking in the good stuff is full.

I am sure that I can (and will) come back to this book in the future. It is a wealth of information and can be reference again and again. Many of the insights are timeless.

So have I suffered from information overload? I’d say yes. But I know that I am better for all that I have taken in. I’ve also learned that in the future a book like this should be digested much slower. Funny as at the beginning I thought one chapter a day was not enough.

Here’s to information overload – may you always be on my mind.