Do you ever find yourself thinking about something that you would like to do and get real excited about it. But when it comes time to execute or try, it seems to loose its appeal.

Part of me thinks that I have a problem that I am “in love” with certain ideas. However when I try them, they do not seem to have the same shine or the appeal before execution is gone.

Let me give you an example. Whenever I am in Starbucks I see other people working away on their laptops, presumably being productive and getting stuff done. I love the idea of doing that there too. However I have tried it a number of times and it did not appeal to me that much.

Now you can see from this how I am in love with the idea, but after trying it, it does not seem that great. Now don’t get me wrong I have “worked” at Starbucks on several occasions and been very productive, but it still does not have that “shine” as when I am seeing others doing it.

I have not fully baked this awareness, I am just becoming keenly aware of it. I think awareness is the first step in helping me understand my thoughts and feelings better.

So the next time I’m out at Starbucks and have this feeling wash over me, I will pause and remember that I am in love with the idea itself, not the actual act.