Yesterday was Canada Day. We took the day off and did a little day trip to Niagara Falls.

After lunch we went for ice cream at McDonalds as our favourite shop had a lineup too long to wait for on a hot day.

As we were sitting in the parking lot under a shady tree I noticed a sign. It spelled out all the safety measures the restaurant is taking during this pandemic.

It got me to thinking. Before COVID-19 these things were implied, but not directly stated (for the most part). Now as we reopen restaurants there is a need to be explicit.

It’s strange in many ways, because most of these measures were happening to some degree long before this. Food safety in not something new and there are strick guidelines in place.

In many ways we took things for granted, assumed they were happening and enjoyed the benefits they brought. Now we need to be explicitly told so that we can be reassured it is actually happening. And it is.

I am thankful that these signs are in place and it brings along with it a certain level of comfort and assurance. As we progress I am not sure if the signs will become “invisible” as we learn to expect these things. But for now it is good to see restaurants stepping up.