I’ve talked here before about Christian Music. One of the bands that I have listened to for years is Switchfoot. Their lead singer is Jon Foreman. Jon not only composes great music, but lyrically he is amazing and I have found few that have rivalled him – perhaps the late singer songwriter Mark Heard runs a close second.

Today as I was out for a few hours in the car, I decided to listen to one of Switchfoot’s previous albums (if you don’t know what an album is – look it up <smiley>). The album “Where the Light Shines Through” is amazing through and through. I love all the songs, but maybe my favourite is “If the House Burns Down Tonight”.

The song has one line in it that strikes a chord (pun intended) with me each time I listen to it – “You possess your possessions or they possess you”. From time to time I think about all the things that I have in my life – “stuff”. I know that the more things that I have it seems to cause a certain amount of anxiety in my life. I have to a small extent tried to start removing things if I do not require them or they do not bring “joy” to me.

I do know too that sometimes (more often than I like to think) I am a slave to my possessions and not a master of them. I think this is exactly what Jon was getting at and If the House Burns Down Tonight I need to stand in the assurance that I have the only thing that matters – that I belong body and soul to my Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


P.S. – Have a view of the live version of “If the House Burns Down Tonight”