A little while back I mentioned that I was a bit of a fashion noob. In my attempts to put myself out there a little I’ve created a new problem.

I seem to have an addiction to socks! Yes, you read that correctly. I’m already part of a sock of the month club where I receive 2 new pairs in the mail each month. But that was not enough. I now look for “funky” socks when I am in a trendy or boutique style store.

Case and point. Two weeks ago I was out with my wife seeing a play near our home and they had socks in the gift shop. You guessed it I bought a pair. Two weeks later we were back seeing another play and… I bought two more pairs of socks.

I can’t seem to help myself. I’m now hopelessly addicted to designer socks. I guess there could be worst things. They do look cool and people sitting near me notice them and sometimes comment. So it’s not all bad.

I’m just glad that it’s only socks and not pants, shirts and other accessories as that could get downright expensive.