I use to have a t-shirt that said: “I fought the lawn, and the lawn won.”

Every spring the grass grows quicker than I think and before you know it – it’s that time. I am the first to admit that a freshly mown lawn looks great. It makes for great curb appeal and it gives that manicured look.

My lawn is pretty big. I do not have a lawn tractor, but I do have a self-propelled mower. With trimming it takes me a little over an hour to do everything. At the rate, the grass grows this time of year I usually have to mow every 5 days.

That’s a lot of mowing for the first 2 months of the season. But I have to admit I do enjoy it for the most part. As I side benefit the lawn looks it’s best in the early spring. Fresh growth and a deep green give it a great look.

So I guess I fought the lawn and I won.