Yesterday I wrote about my internet marketing journey that I am once again rebooting. Let’s not discuss what number reboot this is, you can read that in this post.

I did not plan on writing an update so quickly, but thought I would since I did something amazing today.

The author of the course that I am going through suggests you need to spend at minimum 10 hours per week on your business. Since I have some extra time right now I know that I can definitely hit that target and then some.

So what happened today? I put in over 3 hours of training. I was shocked when I totalled it up. What was even more amazing was that I did not skip one portion of the training that I have a lot of experience in already – domain name purchase and web hosting.

I thought it best to go through the entire training regardless if I had experience or not in a specific area. Ian the author stated a few times up front that you will be successful if you follow and implement the training 100% as prescribed.

I do not plan on putting in 3 hours everyday, but this is a good start out of the gate an hope that I can use it as momentum and encouragement.

I’ve got this!