I’ve spoken before how I have a Concept 2 rower. It has been almost a year since I purchased it. I log all of my meters online and like to participate in the challenges that they offer.

The online log tracks how many meters you are averaging per day. To date I am almost averaging 3,000 meters per day. I started slow, but plan on finishing strong. The rowing season runs from May-April, so I still have time to up the daily average.

The online log also lets you look at the honour board. This board tracks everyone who records their sessions online. I thought I would take a look at the top person and was floored. They are averaging 107,000 meters per day.

To put this into perspective if I am rowing at a good pace, I am doing about 14,000 per hour. If you do the math on the above that is over 7 hours of rowing per day – everyday. I am sure this is not one session alone, but multiple, but even then that is a lot of meters per day.

To add insult to injury this person is 62 and I am 53. This is not an ageism thing, but it sure does give me something to shoot for. However I am not about to do 107k per day that is more than 2 marathons. I’ll be happy if I can get my daily total up to 5k per day – we’ll see.