When I workout I wear a heart rate monitor. The one I use is by MyZone. I have been using it for a little more than a year now. From day one I knew that I was going to love it and hate it.

Why do I love it? It tracks my heart rate, calories burned, session duration and effort points. Seeing this in real time during my workouts is a real motivator. Measuring the data over time is great for seeing the progression. And stacking up against others is great for the competitive spirit.

Why do I hate it? At times I get too focused on the data and not the workout. Being competitive is good, but sometimes it can demotivate too if you are not at or near the top. It’s like a drug – you are looking for times to wear it just to get the effort points. I check my stats all the time.

So even though I have this love hate relationship with my monitor, I will continue to use it. The good far outweighs the bad. I need to be master of the monitor and not let it master me. Now if only I could get the dog to wear it and get me a few extra effort points.