Get your head in the game is great sports idiom. Simply put it means to concentrate/focus.

When there are shifts in my life and things are about to change but have not quite yet, I find it difficult to concentrate/focus.

We still may be working on the current task at hand, but the new task is on the horizon. We have a responsibility to finish strong and yet our mind is already moving on.

We are thinking about the new thing and making plans even before we start. Our heart and our head are leaving the old in favour of the new. We start to lose interest in the present because of the promised future.

This has always been a struggle for me. How do I stay focused in the now when there is something new on the horizon? Sure there may be “spikes” of engagement in what we are doing now because of the excitement of the future. But I know it is temporary and it is only a result of what is to come.

Maybe I am too hard on myself and maybe it’s something we all do. Some might call it “checking out” or “mailing it in”. Whatever it is, I never really like it and am not proud of how I handle it.

I need to get better at this.