Parental advisory – this daily entry may not be for the faint of heart.

Bad habits are hard to break. There are many to choose from. Some of the more notables may be smoking, drinking (too much), or watching too much TV. But these are not the habits I am thinking of.

Up until 15 years ago, I had the nasty habit of biting off my nails. I will wait for everyone to say “Gross”. I never knew anything different and probably – though never confirmed – did it from a very young age.

Now it is not the most disgusting habit, but it’s not something you do in public – that should tell you something. I’m not even sure how I arrived at acknowledging that I need to stop. I think it was seeing others do it and realise that it was not that appealing.

You may be wondering how I broke this habit. I did it the harshest way possible. I went to the store bought a nail clipper and never chewed my nails again. Cold turkey you might say, but really it was just a conscious decision to stop.

I can honestly say I have never relapsed or been tempted to. Maybe there was no underlying psychological problem and that’s what made it so easy. Whatever the reason I am glad to have stopped and considered it a small victory in life.

I think I will spare you my not brushing my teeth story and how I kicked that habit too.