The other day I talked about doing a purge of my social media accounts. I have started, but there are still several more to go. It got me thinking though that I can do more in this space.

Raise your hand if you are subscribed – via email – to more than 10 newsletters or lists. I’ve got to say that I did not realise how many I was subscribed to. Take the 10 and double it. Now that does not seem like a lot, but it is not the quantity that is at issue here. I needed to ask myself how many did I read every time they arrived in my inbox.

Maybe you can guess the answer, but it is less than 10%. Which means that 90% clutter up my inbox, distract me when they come in and really provide no value in my life. I think you can see where I am going with this.

It is also time to purge my inbox of all subscriptions that provide no value. This should not be too hard to unsubscribe, but as we all know you unsubscribe once and a lot of lists put you on a secondary list. So I may have to unsubscribe again in a few months.

I am looking forward to having a leaner inbox. I think there is more than 20 that I can get rid of. Time will tell which ones are really that important to me. If I am waffling over whether it provides value or not I am just going to get rid of it too.

I think this new line of thinking meshes well with some of the thinking I’ve done on minimalism.