Today was full. It started with a 15k row. Then it was off to church to prepare for tomorrows Live Stream. After that we made our way to Waterloo to move one of our children back home. Finally I capped it off by doing some yard work.

I love being outside and today was a beautiful day for it. I have a lot of things lined up to do this Spring. I am pacing myself, but there is always one constant – mowing the lawn.

I’ve always liked mowing the lawn as I like the way it looks and smells. I’m not the best at maintenance beyond the mowing though. I do not fertilize, I do not weed, or overseed, etc.

However over the past year I’ve started watching more and more videos on how to “restore” my lawn. Last fall I started with treating for weeds and this spring I have begun a top-dress for all the bald spots where the weeds were.

My hope is over the next few years to have a nice lush lawn that looks really good and smells just as good. I still plan on minimal work, but intentional. We will see where this takes me.