Today marks the day of a three-day whirlwind trip out West for work. The days will be long and busy. But the bonus is I get to fly.

Ever since the first time I went on a plane I’ve been infatuated with being in an aeroplane. My first flight was a little 4 seater Ski Plane that took off from the water. It was so exhilarating being up in the air and feeling every movement of the plane.

Since that day (I was only 12) I have flown many other times. Mostly domestically, but a few International trips as well. I’ve done a 20-minute flight from an island to the mainland as well as a 15-hour flight across the world. The long haul flight gave me an appreciation for the term “cabin fever”.

This trip will be 4 separate flights of varying lengths. I am excited about the flights and cannot wait to get up in the air again. Thankfully I do not get air sick at all.

Thank you, Orville and Wilber Wright.