As I’ve mentioned before I have started writing every day since the beginning of January. One of the things I have noticed is that I almost never write a draft.

My writing is typically done in the evenings. The topic is usually something that has been on my mind that day. I start writing and type until my thoughts are complete. There is no set word count or allotted time – just write.

While I do use a Grammarly to help with spelling, grammar, structure, etc – I rarely re-write any of my words. Early on I was using Wunderlist to track potential topics for future posts. But I have almost never started a post and then come back to it later.

I am not sure why this is. Perhaps I prefer to just go with what is on my mind – raw and unedited. I know this makes for an unpolished post, but I feel in many ways it is the best representation of my thoughts.

Over time I may try approaching my writing different. At this point, I am still establishing if I will continue to write every day. I currently do have a post I am working on and am struggling with it – it seems too much like work.

As I mentioned in previous posts I am a bit of a noob here and it’s still early. I need more time to flesh some of these things out. Till then it will be mostly uncut.