When it comes to fashion I am a total noob. For example, I wear black pants to work. Why? Because black goes with everything so I don’t need to worry about matching. I wear black socks for the exact same reason.

Well, this week I decided to break out of my 30-year fashion rut. I joined a sock of the month club. Now in and of itself, this might not seem like much, but believe me, it is. You will not find “black” socks in this club.

Most of the socks have funky colour and patterns. I’ve been told that my socks do not need to match my shoes or pants. In fact, it is fashionable if they don’t. Personally, I think that is bunk or propaganda from the sock of the month club.

And so I am anxiously awaiting my first 2 pairs to arrive. I signed up for 2 pairs each month for the next six months. Today I did a little test run at work. I own a pair of superman socks so I wore them. I showed a few fashionistas at work and I got the thumbs up. Looks like I’m going to the right direction.

In the weeks and months to come, I will be showing off my new socks. I hope to receive positive reviews. Apparently, you can also buy special pants (shorter) so that you can show off your socks. I think we called these flood pants. For now, I will stick with my black pants.

Now I need to go sock it to ‘em.