Canada is famous for their exports. While most people equate snow, ice and igloos with Canada, there are a few more notable things.

Most of the french fries in the world come from potatoes grown in New Brunswick.

Over 60 countries have their coins minted by the Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg.

Toronto is known for producing the fastest and lightest racing bikes (Cervelo) in the world.

If you’ve ever had a sore throat and taken a Halls menthol candy, it was more than likely produced in Scarborough.

There are much more things Canada is famous for, including Hollywood actors and actresses. The likes of Ryan Reynolds, Rachel McAdams, and of course Justin Bieber.

Well, maybe not the last one. But yesterday at the NHL Celebrity All-Star Shootout Chris Pronger took care of Justin Bieber nicely.

Thank you, Chris Pronger, we are forever in your debt. For the record, Bieber had a goal (empty net) and an assist. And his team – Team Gretzky – won.