Yesterday and today were not typical fall days here where I live. Both have been sunny with the temperature in the mid to high teens (mid 60’s for you still on imperial).

I decided it was a good time to take advantage of this good weather and start the annual cleanup. There is a list of things that need to be done, but most of it involves deck furniture. It needs to be moved and stored in the garage.

Since I have done a lot of work to fixup the garage this past year it was even easier to put things away. As I was doing renovations I had all the storage requirements for the furniture in mind. I even managed to put some slings on the ceiling to hand the deck umbrella and carpet up out of the way.

As I was looking out over the backyard late this afternoon I noticed one thing I forgot. It was not small and insignificant by any means. It was the barbecue! It was odd that I forgot this larger piece since it stands out for sure. I even used it the night before to cook the “last bbq meal of the season”.

However I was not going to get upset for missing this. Out I went and 10 minutes later I had it stored in the garage. And so only the front porch furniture is left and will probably stay for a week or two more. Then fall cleanup will be complete.