Today was a very satisfying day emotionally for me. It started with anticipation, which soon turned into some anxiety and fear. It ended in elation.

While each day is full of different emotions depending on a given situation, some days are more even-keeled than others. Today was not one of those days.

Running a full spectrum of emotions left me very tired at the end of the day. And while I was emotionally spent, there was a lot of satisfaction in the variety that I experienced.

The other day I talked about being at crossroads with respect to my career. Well, today most of the pieces have come together to define the next stage.

Going through all these emotions today left me physically and mentally tired. A lot of the time we don’t realise how much of a toll our emotions take on us. Today was a good reminder of that.

So instead of going out tonight, it was decided based on the emotions spent that it would be a good idea to just rest.