I recently started a part-time job. I am really liking the work and as an added bonus it’s all outside.

The job is usually 4 hours each day 5 days a week. The one thing that I have had to adjust to is getting up at 5:00am.

It’s an early morning job for sure. I have no problems waking up at that time as I did it for over 25 years.

The one thing I am noticing though is that by mid-afternoon I am really tired. Even bed time is earlier or at the very least I am falling asleep watching TV.

I did not have this problem before, but I am pretty sure I know why. The main reason is the work is very physical – I used to have a desk job. The other reason is I used to commute via train each day which allowed me to “rest”.

I’m not complaining about getting up, just observing the change. I have to admit that I am enjoying the 20 minute afternoon power naps.