It’s official! Today I have drawn a blank as to what to write. I thought about a bunch of different things today but could not settle on one thing. My mind was chattering too much and the thoughts were not concrete.

Don’t get me wrong I could write about so many different things. But I was unable to focus and narrow it down to one thing. I was starting to get anxious and thought maybe this is the day that the streak gets broken.

Then it dawned on me (again) that you just cannot force the writing out. I let my mind relax and I focused on doing something else. When I came back to my blank canvas I was ready. Write about drawing a blank and how you worked through it.

Writing everyday challenges me in so many ways. I have a deep desire to put words onto paper. It’s early in the process and I am still trying to find my rhythm. I’m still working through different emotions and how they affect my writing.

I know the discipline is good and extremely beneficial. I am still closet writing – very few people close to me know. Being vulnerable in public is a scary thing. Sharing your thoughts with strangers can be dangerous. I still need to work through so many things.

And so even when I drew a blank the words started to flow. This is such a process and I am but an infact just starting to learn.