I mentioned yesterday that I am travelling this week. When on the road I still like to get in a workout if I can. I bring all my gear with me and when I’m checking in I always ask where the “Fitness Centre” is.

This trip is no exception. Yesterday before I caught my flight I hit the training circuit at my local boot camp. I managed to get in a solid workout to start the week and trip off right.

Now I usually workout between 3 and 4 times per week. But that changes when I’m on the road as the workouts are usually shorter, so I try to go every day. With Monday’s out of the way, I was not planning on working out again until Tuesday morning. But things change.

Our afternoon meetings got cancelled so we landed up heading back to the hotel early. Dinner was not for a couple of hours so what is a person to do. Workout of course. I figured I could get a solid hour in on the elliptical before dinner.

Not only did I manage to get the hour in, but I also did a bit of work after that too. I would say I made the most of the time I was given. So two workouts in one day equate to double the fun. Maybe not what you might consider fun, but it made for a great day.