One of the things a desk job for over 20 years gets you is soft hands. I am not suggesting that this is a bad thing, but the heaviest thing you are probably lifting is a pen – if you even still use one.

Now you may notice that I said callus not callous. I am speaking about a thickens and or hardened part of the skin usually in an area that is subjected to frequent friction. So yes you can get a callus from using a pen.

While I did mention that I have soft hands from having a desk job for over 20 year, over the last year my hands have developed callus’ from doing CrossFit.

In Crossfit your hands are subjected to a lot of friction during skills training and the workout of the day. I also do a lot of rowing which has built up callus’ on my hands too.

One thing I did not know is that you should “shave” your them on a regular basis or they will rip open at some point – yuck. Of course I have not maintained them, but I have also not had any rip open until today.

In the middle of the Work of the day one tore open on my hand. It was not too bad and did not really bleed at all, but it was extremely painful and made the rest of the workout that much harder.

This was a hard lesson to learn, but now that I have I will pay closer attention to my callus’. I plan to shave them on a more regular basis to help keep them under control. I guess you could say I should not have been so callous to my callus.