I think all people fidget. Some just don’t know it or won’t admit it.

I know of three fidgeting actions I can be accused of. Whenever I am in a restaurant I will twirl my glass of water with my fingers. Left or right does not matter, but I do it almost without knowing. People have noticed.

I have a small compact glasses case that I will twirl in my hands. I also open and close the lid. It does not make any noise except for a tiny ‘click’ that I can hear. People have noticed this too.

The last one that I am aware of (there could be more) is I will twiddle my thumbs. I don’t do this a lot and I usually do it under the table where no one can see. People have not noticed this, but it’s hard to see.

I’m sure I must fidget in another way. I know I used to shake my legs under the table, but have stopped doing that for years. Not sure why, but I have. I’m wondering what the ones I’m not aware of that other people have picked up on.