This week is quickly coming to an end. I’ve been travelling with a group of people from my team. Lot’s of cities and just as many meetings with team members and business partners.

Today we are on the last leg of our journey. We flew in the early evening and decided to head out for dinner. We found a good spot and settled in for some good food and conversation.

As a group who had never travelled together before we found that we quickly “jelled” over the past 2 days. So the team feeling comfortable decides to ask me “how I am enjoying the new role”. Tough question so early in, but I decided to give them a heartfelt answer.

You see at a certain point (I believe very early on) you need to view the people you lead as more than just employees of the organisation. They are real, authentic, human beings with wants and needs just like you and I.

This may seem all “mushy” and stuff that can only get in the way of getting work done, but I believe the exact opposite. I think if you put yourself out there on a very personal level people can relate a lot more. They see you more as a person than a number or a robot/machine.

We are complicated human beings. We are not water facets and can turn off the stuff we don’t need when we go to work. It’s all there. Engaging one another on a personal level and taking the time to authentically do so can be so rewarding.

In many ways last night as I asked for feedback from my team on “how’s my driving” I felt as though we were starting to define our relationship with each other. The discussion was deep and serious at times, but so rewarding. These moments remind me so much why I like leading/serving others.