A few years back we decided to get rid of our pool in the backyard. It was an above ground pool, so the removal was not too difficult. We had always talked about “when the pool was gone” what were we going to do with our deck.

After living with an ugly hole in the ground where the pool used to stand we moved forward with extending our deck. In a formal life, I was a carpenter so I believed I had enough skill to perform this job on my own. It landed up being a fairly large undertaking.

I started at the end of April that year by putting the footings in. It was not completed until the end of July that same year. I used every spare moment I had – evenings, Saturdays and even a few days of holidays to complete the task.

Now three years later it is time for our front porch to get a makeover. While not as extensive a build as the back deck, it will take some time to complete. The plan is to replace all the skirting and railings. Thankfully the decking is in really great shape and just needs a good cleaning/sealing.

So I start this new home improvement journey with enthusiasm and determination in hopes of finishing it in the next 30 days. This will be a lot of work, but I know that it is doable. Wish me luck.