Almost 2 months ago I made a list of things that I was going to accomplish during the month of April. I’m about a month behind in giving an update.

From now till the end of April I commit to reading 3 books.

I did not fair too well in this area. I only managed to read one book in April and so far only one in May too. I need a different approach to read more than just 20 minutes before bed. I will try a few things and report back.

I will continue to teach myself a new skill – web development.

Totally fell down in this area. I think I may have spent a total of 30 minutes. I really want to get at this one. Again I need a new approach. I will look for new ways to get better here.

For one week – at minimum – I will not play video games.

I hit this one out of the park. Outside playing a game on my mobile phone for 10 minutes before I get out of bed, I did not do this for two weeks. Lately I’ve been playing more and need to step back again.

I will limit myself to one 1 hour tv shows per day.

This one is a little strange. Most of my tv watching happens in the evening when my wife and I watch together. It’s something we do together. Most nights we watch about 2 hours. I won’t call this a miss, but I also won’t call it homerun.

Monday marks the beginning of June. I plan to once again hit this list as hard as I can. I will not beat myself up for what was, but look forward to what may be. I also want to track my progress to see what adjustments I can make to get better.

Here’s to success.