Travelling with a group of people from work is always fun. The days are full and long. However, the mealtime conversations are very stimulating.

One such conversation recently was about the cleanliness of a hotel room. Let me be the first to admit I do not like dirty or messy rooms, but I will tolerate them. I will say though that in all my travels I have never been in a place that I think twice about how clean it is.

This leads me to the discussion that while it may look clean is it “really clean”. For instance – apparently, you should not sit on the top cover of the bed as they almost never wash this. Additionally, do not use the glass cups in the washroom as they have a lot of germs. Finally, do not walk in bare feet on the carpet – who knows what’s touched that.

I’m not sure whether to be afraid or chock it up to paranoia. You see “germs” are all around us. And to a certain extent, I believe we need germs to help our immune systems stay healthy. You can agree or disagree with that last statement, but the fact is germs are everywhere.

Of course, I do not intentionally go around touching dirty surfaces, but I also am not afraid to touch the door handle of a public washroom. There are far more scary things in this world that can kill me than a door handle.

So, for now, I think I will continue to walk in bare feet, sit on the top cover and use the glass cups in my hotel room. I’ve been doing for 20 plus years with no real side effects. But I can respect the fact the others may not think the same.