Week two started today for my rowing Christmas Challenge. I did not mess with what I am doing and stuck to a workout that I did previously.

I did the pyramid interval workout again, this time doing it right. Last time I added in an extra 1000 meters, which was not a problem, but was not part of the original workout. Today with everything back on track and programmed correctly I was able to finish the workout in just under an hour.

Today’s total meters was 12,602 with 2,602 being rest meters. Everything felt good with a slight twinge in my shoulders near the end. My butt / sciatica was really good today and I can attribute that to the new cushion I purchased off of Amazon. More to come on this as I use it over the next few weeks.

Tomorrow I hope to crossover my first goal of 100,000 meters. I plan on doing a lighter than normal row, but hope to get in at least 10,000 meters.

100km here I come.