One week is under my belt in the rowing Christmas Challenge. It does not seem like 7 days, but time flies when you commit to something with a goal in mind.

Today I had planned to just row 8 – 1000 meter intervals with 2:00 minutes of rest in between. However due to a technical error – read “stupid” user – I programmed the monitor for 10 intervals and did not notice till I started. Silly me – oh well I was committed at that point to finishing.

With the original interval set I would have completed just over 10,000 meters, but thanks to my mistake I managed to get in an extra 3,000 meters.

It was my best 10,000 meters yet – 48:29 so sub 50 minutes. I am very happy with that. Bring in my rest meters of 3,006 and my total for today was 13,006 meters. I am very happy with the extra meters towards my goal of 200,000 meters. This brings my 7 day total to 78,834 meters – awesome.

Not too much to report on the aches and pain side. Butt / sciatica still giving me grief after about 6,000 meters, but shoulders were good today. New cushion arrived today for the seat, so I am hoping it will make a difference tomorrow – stay tuned.

Week 2 starts tomorrow – bring it on.