Five days and it has been the best day so far on the rower for the Christmas Challenge.

I kept with the interval theme today. I really like the rest in between the sets. The type of interval I did today was called a pyramid. I started with 100 meters and then then 1 minute rest, then 200 meters and 1 minute rest. Each time the distance increased by 100 meters till I reached 1000 meters. Then I rowed two sets @ 1000 meters and then started down the latter again till I got to 100 meters.

The total meters rowed was 14,001 – 11,000 meters through the sets and 3001 meters through rest. Not a lot changed from yesterday. In the later stages of the rowing my left butt check started to hurt a little – think it’s related to sciatica and a little sore between the shoulder blades – related to poor form over the long distance.

Day 5 is in the rearview and Day 6 is in my sights.