I made it to double digits today – it was my 10th day rowing in the Christmas Challenge. It’s hard to believe that I have managed to keep this up for 10 straight days, and yet here we are.

In celebration of having done 10 days I decided to mix it up a little today. For most of my session I have been doing intervals which is great for variation. However today I did both intervals and straight rowing.

For my interval session I did pyramid style up to 700 meters with 1 minute of rest in between. Total meters with rest was 7,000.

For the straight rowing I decided that I wanted to get my total for today over 10,000 so I did a 3,000 meter continuous row. I managed to completed that in just over 15 minutes.

I liked the variation that I added today and may include that going forward.

Day 11 is just ahead.