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Public Speaking

Public speaking has always been something I really don’t like to do. There are not a lot of people I meet who say “I love public speaking”. But over the years I have noticed a few things as I’ve had to do this more than once.

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Giving Thanks

How often do you say thank you to someone? Not the empty in passing type, but the genuine kind.

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Day Of Rest

Today is Sunday. The first day of a new week. This morning we went to church as we have always done. I cannot remember a Sunday which did not include a day of worship.

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Information Overload

How much information is too much information? A few weeks back I wrote about a book that I am currently reading – Tool of Titans.

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To Tell The Truth

In the late 1950’s there was a TV show called “To Tell The Truth”. Essentially 3 people would claim to be the real “Famous Person”. A panel of judges would then try to figure out who through a series of questions.

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